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Project Description

Underwriting & Actuarial

Employer clients expect their employee benefit brokers to provide them all of the information necessary to make informed decisions. For most benefit firms who do not have underwriting and actuarial expertise in-house, this can be a trap. Do you simply make a guess on the cost impact of a plan design change? How do you substantiate the claims you are making?

Sky’s Underwriting & Actuarial Services are designed to help you assist your clients in making better, more informed decisions. We can help you identify possible cost impact issues, provide specialized analysis and communicate the impact of various plan design and structural benefit plan changes. Our high quality analysis results from using sophisticated actuarial techniques based upon the industry’s best practices.

Our broker partners regularly use us to assist them in analyzing various funding options of employee benefit designs, capitation arrangements, specialty carve-out programs and other various plan improvement and financing techniques. The experienced team who will support you and your clients understands what it means to be a benefit broker, and what you have at stake.

We understand that when you trust us with your clients you are putting your reputation on the line, and that is an honor we do not take lightly.  Contact us for more information regarding your specific needs and how we can support your organization.