The term “tailor-made” might make you go blind with dollar bill signs flashing before your eyes. Don’t let this become a scary term for you and your company. Let it do the exact opposite! Tailor-made software should excite you for all the incredible things and possibilities it can give to you and your company. 
Having something tailor-made for you is a truly unique experience. The item created for you was made as an extension of you. It fits you perfectly, highlights what you love about yourself, and it makes you feel good. It will change the way you walk, stand, interact, and how you see yourself. It’s a guaranteed good day every time you put it on. Imagine if you could get the same feeling and results with your company’s software. Well, good news – you can! Every time you would talk to a new client while having this amazing software, you would be proud to talk about it. Having this kind of software would make you so proud of your company because the software does exactly what you want it to, so you can offer your clients the best service and business possible. You would know it like an old friend, and it would be so easy for you to talk about it. This is exactly what happens when you invest in tailor-made software and what we do for our clients. We help our clients grow and flourish as a company while we create something unique for them. We are proud to offer these services to our clients, and we love to see what incredible things we can help them achieve. What other things can you and your company gain having custom made software? Well sit back and relax. We love this conversation, and we love sharing it with as many people as possible.
First of all, you are taking your business up a notch by owning the fact that your company is unique and different from every company out there. You’re not walking into a store and purchasing something off the shelf, forcing your company to act, work, and react by someone else’s standards. You don’t have to force your company to run by predetermined strategies created to fit hundreds of other companies. You are creating something that fits your company perfectly. This software will be created to fit your expectations and preferences, and any need your company might have. This will put you above and beyond your competition before even getting started. You can keep adding touches to the software as the industry changes and grows, and you can choose exactly how you want it to look. How incredible is that?
  • COST
Tailor-made might feel like a huge and terrifying expense right out of the gate, but it’s something that will last above and beyond anything else you could buy. It grows with you and it won’t need to be replaced. Imagine how many off the shelf brands of software you will have to buy over the years to run your company. Every time something in your industry changes and grows or new technology is introduced, you would have to run out to the store and buy the next installment. Technology is growing faster than ever before, so you will end up buying new software time and time again. What’s even worse is that you’re spending all this money on something you aren’t even 100% happy with.
Every time you buy a new program, all of your employees will have to take the time to stop and learn how to use it, again. This takes time away from your company doing its job, making money, and paying employees for their time to learn while they’re not doing their actual day to day job. This is such a huge cost and so much effort to keep up with. With custom made software, your company and software can grow together at a comfortable speed. It allows you to keep up with your company, grow with any changes, and all while still operating at a profitable speed. It is an amazing investment that will save you so much time and money. Plus, you have something that is all yours and doesn’t belong to anyone else.
As long as you want, you will have someone taking care of and protecting your software. You will have tailored eyes keeping it clean, up to date, getting rid of any pesky bugs, and staying on top of any updates. Since you own the software and it’s operating systems you don’t have to wait for the software developers to create updates and releasing them on their time and terms. You don’t have to worry about updates that could potentially get in the way or change the way you run your business. Off the shelf software often leaves you in a lurch because of decisions made based on the need of multiple companies and not just yours. Getting stuck in that limbo is frustrating and expensive, and you might have to start from scratch with a whole new line of software every time this happens.
You and your company will automatically become more protected against external threats with tailor-made software. Hacking has become one of the most dangerous and expensive types of crime out there. Off the shelf software is much easier to attack since it’s available to anyone at any time. A hacker can walk into the store, just like you, and learn how to break into the latest and greatest software just by taking it home and uploading it on their computer. Once they have done that, they can attack anyone who is using this software, leaving you and anyone using it exposed. It will then cost even more to clean up any repercussions from this attack and to build up stronger protections against the possibility of being attacked again. Having customized software allows you to remain more of a mystery to these hackers. They don’t have easy access to understanding how to break it down since you’re the only one who has access to it. Extra security measures can be added to keep these hackers even farther away. This type of software can turn these hackers away because instead of using the time and effort of learning how to break into your software, they can use this time to break into something much easier and attack more people at one time.
Tailor-made software can come with support as long as you want it. This technical team can be the same company that built your software, or one that understands your company. This team can help protect you and help fix or erase any issues as time goes on. You don’t have to wait in a long frustrating phone cue to get answers about off the shelf software anymore. There will be no more waiting to talk to someone who might potentially be halfway around the world. You can call and get the help of someone you know and trust, and someone you’ve already created a working relationship with. They will understand and know the software just as well if not better than you, and they will know how to care for its unique needs and changes right away.
Other benefits include:
  • Scalability
  • Increasing productivity
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Compatibility
  • Exclusive
  • Can be provided for companies of all sizes
  • Easier integration
  • Easier automation
  • Collaboration
  • Maximization of technology
  • Available information for all employees
  • Much more!
We are very proud of what we can and do offer our clients every day. We love our job, and we love the excitement every day brings. There are so many reasons why investing in custom software is the best thing for your company, but we will let this blog and the quality of our work speak for itself. We are here to answers any questions or talk with you about our options. Don’t hesitate to reach out! We are excited to get started, so pick up the phone or email us. We can’t wait to start building something incredible for you and your company.