Everything is so unknown right now that being able to pick and choose the best health insurance plan to keep you and your family safe and covered is more important than ever. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how best to do that.  
Hello friends! We hope you’ve been healthy and safe during these unknown times. Our industry, the industry we represent, and all of the industries around us have been affected by the current situation just like you have been. You are not alone in feeling the way you do right now. Our workdays and personal lives continue to change and alter almost every day. But the inspiration that has been helping us keep focused and positive is hearing about all the incredible things the insurance industry is doing for everyone who has been impacted by the pandemic, how they are supporting the incredible first responders, and how so many insurance companies have changed and adapted their policies to help the world it is now reflecting. We are very proud to support this industry in every way we can. We are here to support our clients and to help their online business stay strong and to adapt to their new everyday needs.
In a time that is so unsure, having the best health insurance possible is very important. Knowing your family, your home, and your car are all protected and covered are not only very important but can give you true peace of mind, which is hard to find right now. We thought it would be very helpful to share a little bit about our industry and discuss how to pick the best health insurance plans. Choosing an insurance plan for every aspect of your life can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Open enrollment won’t begin until November 1st. But, with how the world is today, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.
You will be choosing your health insurance based on two determining factors; if you’re receiving it through your employer or the government insurance marketplace. Most people receive health insurance through their employers who pay a portion of their insurance premiums. If you are self-employed or health insurance is not an option through your employer, that is when you’ll need to go through your state’s or the federal government marketplace. Once this decision has been made, this is where the choice of the actual plan comes into play.
  • Always compare the health insurance plans available to you. Always read the small print. Check how much your out of pocket expense will be before hitting your deductible, what that deductible is, and so on. Be honest with what you need from your plan and what you can afford. Always be very aware of the benefits that come with each plan that is offered to you, and how that compares to the others that are offered.
  • Check the network of each plan. If you have a set of doctors that you know, trust, and have been going to for years, you want to keep going to them, right? That might not always be possible if you don’t pick the right plan that includes all of your doctors in its particular network. This will take time and research to find out, but it will be worth your time to do so.
  • Just like any get rich quick scheme, an unbelievable price tag, or something that just seems too good to be true, certain insurance policies can fall into that category too. If you come across a plan that seems too good to be true and is far too easy, it almost always is. Avoid these plans and situations before you wind up with a cheap plan that doesn’t cover your needs and preferred services. You will then have to drop that plan and scramble to find a new one or even go without a plan.
  • Consider how often you visit the doctor. This will change if you have a family or are planning on starting one. But, if you’re a healthy individual looking for insurance just for you, or just you and your partner, really consider this factor. Pick a plan based on your knowledge of your health. If you need multiple visits and special services every year, pick a plan based on that. If you are someone who doesn’t need that and you want coverage just in case something should happen, pick a plan based on that.
  • If you are new to the insurance world or have been continuously disappointed with your current plan, it’s alright to ask for help. There are incredible free resources out there to help you. Use these to your advantage. You can call or set up a face to face meeting to learn more about the insurance world with a health insurance navigator or a certified application counselor. Spend the time to put the research in with the pros to get the best plan for you!
These are just some of the many tips out there to help choose your next or very first insurance plan. It might seem time consuming and overwhelming. Begin by understanding the process, know what you need, and ask the professionals for help if you need it. Health insurance is there for you, so use it to your advantage and what it was created to provide. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you!